Investor List

Vital contact details for over six hundred potential investors

Once you have written your business plan you need to start contacting potential investors. To help you with this, a list of investors is made available to you as a download so that you do not have to spend days or even weeks searching for contacts and possible investors.

This comprehensive list comprises more than six hundred venture capital and angel networks. Details include company / network name, website reference, contact information and contact person. It also covers details about each organisation, including mandates, past funding, investment size and profile.

The MS Excel file is provided in compressed / zipped format and will require unzipping before use.

Template Pack

What’s included
Structure Template

The structure template gives you a headstart and means that you don’t have to create the format or the style yourself which helps you accelerate the process of writing the plan.

Page Templates

The page templates show you the sort of content that belongs to each page, using the various examples shown in the book. This acts as a useful guide and prompt as to what each page content should include. The formatting is already done to help you build the pages more quickly.

Financial Spreadsheets

The financial spreadsheets are spreadsheets that allow you to input the basic projections in order to compile the essential financial figures that you need to present in your business plan. The spreadsheets also enable you to ‘sanity check’ your business model numbers.

The file is provided in compressed / zipped format and will require unzipping before use.

The Template Pack is free to those who have bought the book.

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